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Woman receives high school diploma at 94 years old

94-year-old Grace Manthey received her diploma from Grants Pass High School, some 80 years after she first enrolled. 

The tenth of 12 children, Grace grew up during the Great Depression, walking miles to and from school each day with her siblings. She began her high school career at GPHS but eventually had to leave school to work full-time to provide for her family. 

At the age of 34, she went back to earn her GED - the only option available at the time - but always longed to get her diploma. On Friday, March 11, Principal Ryan Thompson awarded Grace an honorary diploma from Grants Pass High School. She was surrounded by family, friends, students, and staff in a special ceremony outside the GPHS central building.

Her advice to students after the ceremony was "Never give up. Just never give up. I didn't think it would ever happen. I really didn't. I've wanted it all my life!"

Congratulations Grace!