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Hi, my name is Kirk Kolb and I'm the superintendent of Grants Pass School District. I've been in education for over twenty-three years with experience as a special education teacher, math teacher, assistant principal, principal, director, and now as your superintendent for the past four years. These experiences have provided me with a foundation of knowledge and skills that afford me the ability to effectively lead and manage teams, schools, and the district.

I'm committed to creating a safe learning environment for all students and focusing on what is called trauma-informed practices for all of our schools and facilities. Trauma-informed practices is recognizing that most of us experience some form of adversity, sometimes to a degree that our actual body will adapt to the adversity and be resilient. This is often evident in the way that we face daily issues, usually in quick fight, flight, or freeze responses. The understanding of how we adapt is leading to great hope for families where none existed before. I'm committed to provide trainings for staff and parents, as well as community trainings.

Community partnerships are very important to me and I'm a member of several organizations. I believe providing strong relationships with the community will ensure the highest level of education for our students.

As a proud father of two current GPSD students, a GPHS graduate, and a husband to a GPSD teacher, I'm committed to this district and community.

Thank you for your commitment and partnership with Grants Pass School District,

Superintendent Kolb

portrait of superintendent kirk kolb standing in front of brick wall

Kirk Kolb

portrait of tonya doane standing in front of grey brick wall

Tonya Doane
Executive Assistant &
Board Secretary