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Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan


We aspire to foster hope, engagement, and resilience for the community of Grants Pass.


We will provide an education that encourages all students to reach their potential and to become responsible, productive citizens.

girls with pigtails hold up their hands in the shape of a heart


Our Beliefs
e are
E mpowered
A ccepting
R espectful
E ducated
G oal Oriented
ersonally Responsible
Students are at the core of our work. We will work hard to ensure each individual student’s needs are met by competent, caring adults in our district. Focusing on high standards and expectations, we will support each student graduating from high school and aspiring beyond high school to careers and college.
Staff are of the highest quality as we work to hire the best. We strive for every staff member to feel like they are a part of our GP community, regardless of the role they serve in the district. We will foster mutual respect and foster a culture of working hard together.
Community support will ensure that we, as a district, reach our goals and outcomes. Grants Pass is a great place to live, work, and play. We will utilize our community partners in creating a great learning environment for our students.
Our Pillars

We are striving to build a
resilient community. 

Through careful coordination
with community partners
and training for staff and
parents, we will develop
programs that
support the mental and
behavioral health
of our students.

We are grounding our
practice in equity and
inclusive practices.

Working with community
partners as well as our
parent community, we
will train staff and
students to use culturally
relevant practices that
ensure “we all belong”.
We are ensuring strong
academic outcomes and
post-secondary plans for
all students.

With high quality staff
implementing best
practices in instruction,
we will ensure that all
students have the
opportunity to thrive in
their post-secondary
We are focusing
attention on safety,
facilities, strong
operations, and
building organizational

Using our resources
responsibly, we ensure
safety and quality
facilities that will support
student learning across
the district.