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Book Requests - Lincoln Elementary Library 4th and 5th Grade

Please fill out this form to give me ideas of what books to include in your curbside pick-up book bag. You will be allowed 4 books for the first few weeks, so keep that in mind. The more information I have about you, the easier it will be for me to choose books that you will like to read! By the way, you will need to check with a parent or guardian to make sure someone is able to pick up your books so let's keep everyone in the loop and double check before you order OK? I look forward to helping you get some new books in your life! I miss you all. - Mrs. Peterson Curbside pick-up hours: Wednesday Morning 10:00-1:00. Afternoon/evening 3:30-5:30 If none of these times work for you, I can be reached by email: or by phone: 541-474-7719 ext.141 Email address* This is where I can get a hold of you if there is a problem with your request.