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Nurse's Notes:



It has been a year with lots of adjustments, changes and challenges, but it’s starting to wind down to the end of the school year.  As we look forward to next school year we want to make sure that you have access to the Communicable Disease Guidelines from the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education.  See pages 10 and 11 of the guidance (commdisease(10).pdf) for a review of symptoms with guidelines on when a student should stay home.  Page 13 has a briefer overview of the same guidance.  These guidelines have always applied, even before COVID, though it led to a few up-dates.  It will be important to keep these guidelines handy.  You might even want to print it out to refer to when making decisions about school attendance.  We hope to keep our staff and students safe and healthy at school, and following this guidance will go a long way toward preventing most outbreaks at school and in the community.  Staying home when ill is one of those things we can all do to prevent spread of disease. 


We are hoping to have more information and health related forms available through the district website in the future, but in the meantime if your child has a health condition requiring a health protocol, please use the links to download and print the health protocols when registering your student(s) through Info-Snap.  This is really important for those students with significant health concerns such as severe Allergies, Asthma, Seizures, Diabetes and other health conditions requiring staff to assist with health procedures or emergencies.  We appreciate your providing these so that we can be sure staff are prepared to assist your student when needed.


We hope that summer will bring opportunities to relax, get outdoors and/or do things you and your family enjoy.  Do your best to stay healthy with good nutrition, rest, exercise, healthy social emotional interactions, that will go a long way towards good health.


Dotsie Bennett, RN

District Nurse

Highland, Lincoln, Riverside

North MS, Grants Pass HS

Grants Pass School District #7

541-450-8980, (cell)


Martha Covrig, RN

District Nurse

Allen Dale, Parkside, Redwood,

South MS, Grants Pass HS

Grants Pass School District #7

541-218-1762, (cell)