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CDL Schedules per Grade


MS 6th Grade CDL Schedule

MS 7th Grade CDL Schedule

MS 8th Grade CDL Schedule


 Good afternoon Parents and Students,  

 You will find student schedules available online via PowerSchool. Attached are instructions on how to set up Parent Access to PowerSchool. Most returning 7th and 8th grade families will have this information, but it may be brand new to many of our 6th grade families. Please follow the steps listed and call next week to receive your student’s Access ID and Access Password from our front office.  Student schedules are still in draft form as we balance classes. 

 Students are scheduled into six (6) classes in addition to a lunch period (in the event that we are able to come back to in-person instruction). Students will be on a rotating A/B schedule with “A” days seeing their first three academic periods on their schedule and “B” days seeing their last three academic periods for class time. Please see the attached for 6th/7th/8th grade schedules.

 You will receive an important email early next week regarding our new Learning Management System, which is called Canvas. Students and parents will be invited to download the app, and the instructions will provide some training prior to starting classes Sept. 8th.

 If all of this is a bit overwhelming – I totally understand! Never before has there been this drastic of a shift in education! 

 We are certainly living in interesting times and making history each and every day. Our teachers came back this week and have shown a tremendous growth mindset in learning a new way to deliver instruction to your students. It truly makes me so proud to serve them as their principal, knowing that your students have an opportunity to learn from them in an entirely new format never seen before to this extent.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr. Blanchard

Tommy Blanchard

Principal – North Middle School

1725 NW Highland Ave.

Grants Pass, OR, 97526