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Yearbook Picture Submissions

Welcome to Yearbook 2020-2021!


We would like to welcome you to submit photos for this year's yearbook.  Not all photos will be used.  We are looking for pictures of fun things that your student may have done over the summer, their interesting "classroom" set up at home, now is also the time for your Senior Picture submissions as well. 

Please, please put all senior pictures into the already created file called Senior Pictures.


To submit pictures visit:



2. Select our school

3. You will see a button at the top center that says "Community Upload" select it.

4. The access code that you will need is GPHS

5. Please be sure to NAME your picture with your student's full name so we can index them correctly.  If you send a picture and you would like to send a story with it, feel free to email me with the details including the students involved.

This is also the location where you will be able to purchase your yearbook in the near future.  We are happy to announce that, there will be no price increase this year for your yearbooks. The Yearbooks will remain $60.00 this year. More information will be coming regarding purchasing your yearbook.

Thank you for your support of GPHS Yearbook Club