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Citizens urged to prepare for wildfires, potential evacuations

With the school year starting via distance learning, it is vitally important that your family has an emergency plan in the event of an evacuation.

  • Make sure your student(s) knows what to do if first responders come to their home and tell them to evacuate.
  • Make sure your student(s) has a cell phone contact for a family member or close friend who can be called in the event they can't reach their parent or guardian.

 Additional information and resources from Josephine County Emergency Management:


The following message is from Josephine County Emergency Management regarding the need to prepare for wildfires and potential evacuations. 


Citizens urged to prepare for wildfires, potential evacuations

JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Ore. — With wildfires raging across Oregon and California, local emergency management officials are urging citizens to have a plan to evacuate should it become necessary.

Extreme fire conditions today across much of Southern Oregon have resulted in the National Weather Service issuing a Red Flag Warning for extreme fire danger through the afternoon of Sept. 9. A Red Flag Warning means the area is experiencing critical weather conditions that are ideal for wildfire, including high temperatures, strong winds and minimum humidity values. Any spark could become a wildfire under Red Flag conditions.

“Given the poor weather and fire conditions in our area, if a wildfire were to occur in rural Josephine County, it would likely spread quickly,” said Lang Johnson, Josephine County Fire Defense Board chief. “With most state-level fire resources already dedicated to other events throughout Oregon, it’s more important than ever for our residents to have an evacuation plan in place. And with online schooling beginning today, parents may be separated from their children when disaster strikes.”

 Any personal evacuation plan should include pets, children and family members with mobility challenges. Because wildfires could spread quickly, plan to have a friend, neighbor or family member be ready to assist anyone in your household if you were to be unable to return yourself. Learn more at

Residents are highly encouraged to sign up for Citizen Alert, the notification system used by Josephine County to alert users about emergencies via cell phone, home phone, text message or email. For more information, see or

While caution should always be taken during fire season, it is especially risky during this critical fire weather. Campfires, ashes from fireplaces, outdoor grills, smoking, chainsaws, off-road vehicles or other small engines have the potential to throw a spark, ignite a fire and spread quickly. Use extreme caution until the fire weather improves.