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Inclement Weather!



As we are heading into the winter months it is always a good idea to pay attention to the weather.  Sometimes, because of certain situations, we may have a school delay or closure.  If this should happen there will be announcements on local television and radio stations or you can always check the district website 

Please do not call the school district transportation department, the school district administration building, individual schools, or radio stations for information.. Answering these calls will reduce our ability to take other necessary action in responding to a weather crisis.  All families are encouraged to have a plan in the event school must close before the regular dismissal time. 

In case of bad weather, you can expect to hear one or several possible announcements.  If there are no radio, TV, or internet announcements about changes, it means we will be operating under regular procedures.

*Please note that breakfast will NOT be served on days when we are on a delay.  Thank you for your support.