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Teen Parent Program

Program Purpose:

The Teen Parent Program at Grants Pass High School is committed to supporting pregnant and parenting students in the following ways: (1) developing a nurturing relationship with their child, (2) providing quality childcare on campus, and (3) supporting the teen parent as they complete their education and make plans for their future.

Enrollment in the Teen Parent Program entails certain expectations and responsibilities including:

  • Attendance
  • Academics
  • Attitude/Participation

In turn, the program will assist the student parent in several areas:

  • Quality Early Childcare Program 
  • Parenting Education
  • Counseling/Academic Support
  • Transportation

Early Head Start Program:

Early Head Start (EHS) provides children and their families with access to a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of very young children and pregnant women. These include parenting resources; child care; nutritious meals and health education; comprehensive medical, dental, and mental health screenings and referrals for follow-up treatment; access to pre- and post-natal care for pregnant women; and family services.

Who do we serve?

  • Pregnant and parenting teens 
  • Any students enrolled in Grants Pass School District
  • Any students from surrounding areas with approved transfers

Educational Opportunities – Students can earn a high school diploma or a GED through:

  • Traditional high school courses
  • Full or half-day option
  • Remote learning
  • GED Prep classes
  • Parenting and prenatal education

What if I just had my baby?

Homebound instruction will be provided with an approved doctor’s release until the baby is six weeks old. This will allow the student to continue their education and return to school. Home visits from an Early Head Start Teen Parent Liaison are also available.

Other Services Available 

  • Transportation to and from school and appointments
  • Free certified child care on Grants Pass High School’s campus for children ages six weeks to six years
  • School meals are provided for eligible students and their children. Breakfast and lunch available
  • Community resource referrals to all community agencies, including housing, social services, medical and health department services
  • Community partners available to meet with you at school, from agencies like the Department of Human Services, Work Source, and the Health Department


Holly Hayes
School Counselor

Diana Lewis
Early Head Start Teen Parent Program Supervisor
541-531-8428 or 541-295-3086

Community Resources

Growing Together GP
Free classes, playgroups, and support groups.