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Talented and Gifted (TAG)

MISSION STATEMENT: To serve gifted students with a program that addresses the individual’s unique level and rate of learning.

PHILOSOPHY: Gifted children as a group differ from others in learning ability: they learn faster and remember more and they tend to think more deeply about the subjects to which they are exposed. Because of these unique characteristics, the philosophy of Grants Pass School District No. 7 TAG program is that each and every student is of great value and has a right to maximum development. We believe that Talented and Gifted students exist in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups across gender. Gifted students require a differentiated program that takes into consideration individual learning styles and abilities. The program should also help students to develop self-esteem and important skills spanning independent study, research, and creative and critical thinking. The purpose of the program is to develop gifted students’ life-long learning skills. We strongly believe in challenging these students to develop their abilities not only for their own personal fulfillment but also for the benefit of society.

Adapted from - Howard Gardner, Irving Sato, Roger Taylor, Benjamin Bloom, Vern Jones, and Robert Marzano


  • We conduct an ongoing search for students eligible for TAG services.
  • We provide information to parents in a timely manner when a student is identified.
  • We assess Level(s) and rate(s) of learning.
  • We document instruction for assessed level(s) of learning and accelerated rate(s) of learning.
  • We provide opportunities for parent input and regular communication among parents, school staff, and students.
  • We commit to sharing responsibility among parents, school staff, and students to ensure desired educational outcomes.
  • We offer appropriate service options for each student to work at assessed level(s) and accelerated rate(s) of learning. We provide opportunities for  interaction with other TAG students.



    Oregon Administrative Rules related to TAG
    GPSD Board Poliicy IGBBA
    GPSD Board Policy IGBBA-AR
 Identification Resources: 

    TAG Identification Process
    Flow Chart
    Qualifying Criteria
    Teacher Nomination/Evaluation Form
    Student Nomination Form

Teacher Resources: 

    Teacher's Guide to TAG Instructional Services
    Elementary TAG Planning Worksheet Directions
    Elementary TAG Planning Worksheet
    Elementary Student Inventory for Rate of Learning
    Middle School Service Plan
    Middle School Individual Planning Worksheet
    High School Planned Course Statement Form
    Secondary Student Inventory for Rate of Learning
    Teacher Tips for Assessing Rate and Level
    Teacher Support Request Form

Parent Resources: 

    Parent/Guardian Survey
    Parent/Guardian Survey (Español)
    Parental Concerns Relating to TAG Services  
    Parental Concerns Relating to TAG Services (Español)
    Parent Nomination Form
    Parent Nomination Form (Español)   
    Complaint Procedures
    Complaint Procedures (Español)


    Oregon Department of Education TAG page
    National Association for Gifted Children
    Oregon Association of Talented and Gifted
    World Council on Gifted and Talented
    John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth


    Tips for Teachers: Successful strategies for teaching gifted learners
    Myths and Truths About Gifted Students
    Common Gifted Education Myths
    Characteristics of Under Achievers